Grand Valley (Georgian Bay Triangle LL)

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  • There is a security person at the door checking vaccination status
  • Another table is set up just inside the foyer to collect names and phone numbers for contact tracing
  • There is no specific entry time before games, but please don't loiter in the foyer
  • There is no covid-specific capacity limit for the ice surface or the spectator areas
  • Masks are to be worn inside by spectators at all times (snack bar is closed)
Dressing Rooms
  • Each team will only be assigned one room.
  • There are no specific capacity limits in dressing rooms, but please keep all masks on until players are ready to put helmets on and go to the ice surface. Doors can be propped open if necessary
  • If there are a large number of players, please rotate in and out of the room to avoid crowding
  • Grand Valley also has a small girls dressing room, if required
  • After the game, please exit via the door closest to your changeroom, not the front foyer
  • Please keep masks on and distance from others
  • If the lobby viewing area is busy, please watch the game from the stands to avoid crowding
  • Please enter via the front doors and exit via the dressing room side of the building that your team has been assigned (one-way flow of foot traffic)